WSHOT Recruitment

Recruitment Details & Currently Recruiting Corporations:

Hello there! All "primary alliance controlled" or PACs corporations offer the same benefits.

However, if any "primary independent controlled" or PICs corporations are to present, the benefits may differ. NOTICE: We have one, universal, requirement for ALL applicants: Be able to, be willing to fly a hecate, or be willing to train into it.

The only difference between PACs is the name, and the recruitment requirements. Some PACs may offer different rewards depending on recruitment requirements. Please see the corresponding PAC for more information.


Frogsiren Enterprises -- FR0GE -- Open! FR0GE Recruitment Page

Galactic Exploration and Research Company -- INVITE ONLY 6ERC Recruitment Page

Intertransit -- Holdings

the grand. - DR0P- -- Open! DR0P- Recruitment Page

Executive Innovations - ENNO -- Open! -- Stricter Requirements, Advanced Players ENNO Recruitment Page

Stormgarden - G4RDE -- Open! -- Very Strict requirements. G4RDE Recruitment Page

inject urself - IMGME -- Open! -- Strict Requirements. IMGME Recruitment Page


None present currently, but recruiting! Contact us!!

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